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The Counselor [INFJ]


Counseling is the side of mentoring that focuses on helping people to realize their human potential, and INFJs have an unusually strong desire to contribute to the welfare of others and genuinely enjoy guiding their companions toward greater personal fulfillment. INFJs are scarce, little more…

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"Gina, I’ve got a problem. This game is starting to affect my work."

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Turn ons: common sense

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On the surface, INFJ come over as people who have a great need for harmony and co-operation. But deep down they often have a greater need to pay attention to their own very individualistic vision.
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i love physical touch.  like not even kissing and stuff just like.  sitting next to each other with our arms touching or our legs overlapping or walking next to each other with our arms brushing i love knowing im real i love existing with people i love it



You can literally answer “that’s what the government wants you to think” to anything

that’s what the government wants you to think